Our Donors

How we say THANK YOU!!!

Centennial's Gift Societies publicly recognize all levels of giving. Donors wishing to remain anonymous will be listed as anonymous on our donor roster.All donors will receive a private communication of gratitude. To consult our donor roster for any given year, please click on the year you wish to consult in the margin of this page.

Giving Categories

Please choose your giving society and we will recognize your generosity accordingly. Donors to Centennial's Newest Leaders and above will be invited to the annual Centennial Leader's Cocktail Reception, to meet the people that have benefited from and hear about the projects that have been enabled by your support.

Leadership Society

Builders of the Future: $5,000 and over
Partners for Success: $2,500 - $4,999
Guides for Resilience: $1,500 - $2,499
Centennial's Newest Leaders: $1,000 - $1,499 or Graduate of the past five years who make a gift for two or more consecutive years.

Difference Makers

Lifelong Learners: $500 - $999
Successful Learners: $250 - $449
Resilient Learners: $1 - $249

How we Report on Your Gift

Funds donated to the Centennial Annual Fund are distributed in spring of each year. In late summer, all donors will receive the Centennial Annual Fund Report, which will illustrate the direct impact your giving has made on the lives of Centennial students. The report will also list our donors by Giving Level, so please let us know on the donation form if you would like to remain anonymous.

Remember, your generosity allows Centennial students to experience success.

"To those who helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and to believe in myself and my academics, I would like to honour you by thanking for helping me academically and financially. This has encouraged me to work harder so I could achieve more inside and outside of school."

Grade 9 Bursary Recipient


Centennial Annual Fund Donor Report 2013-2014


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