About Us

Our mission

Established in 1974 by concerned parents, the Centennial Foundation's primary goal is to foster and aid financially the mission of Centennial Academy and Centennial College. Its objectives are twofold:

  • Providing opportunities to students via its annual campaign for financial aid bursaries; and,
  • Supporting and strengthening the Centennial's community and its programs.

Board of Directors

The Centennial Foundation Board of Directors establishes and monitors the policies and mission of the foundation. Members of the Board of Directors are drawn from the Centennial community and are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Members of the Centennial Foundation Board of Directors are the leaders of our community - parents, alumni and friends who serve to uphold our high standards of excellence.

The Centennial Foundation Board of Directors Members for 2014-2015 are:

Christian Cabana
Michael Cross
Kevin Kyte
Michael Tepper